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If you are a victim of back pain, or you crave sleeping through the night without tossing & turning from sore shoulders or hips, there is a new solution available, backed with an amazing guarantee.

For those of you with back pain, chiropractors have always recommended firm mattresses.  Firm mattresses force your hips and shoulders to come into better alignment.  But, the firmness that treats your back pain causes another problem – increased pressure on your hips and shoulders.  The more pressure you have on your hips and shoulders, the more you will toss & turn at night.

On that topic, if you are prone to tossing & turning (and the resulting chronic fatigue), you will tend to choose a soft mattress.  A softer feeling mattress will take some of the pressure off your hips and shoulders, but these soft feeling mattresses may cause or aggravate back pain.

You would not believe how many people (or couples) are suffering from both back pain and pressure pain.  With a conventional mattress, you’re stuck – your mattress will either irritate one condition or the other:

  • A firm mattress aggravates your shoulders and/or hips and causes you to toss & turn all night

  • A soft mattress cannot support your lower back properly, and will irritate your back pain

There are very serious health implications that can be agitated by back pain and tossing & turning.  Back pain can lead to work limitations, loss of income, golf and recreation restrictions, the regular use of pain relievers or muscle relaxants, and countless other complications that can reduce how much you enjoy your life. 

Tossing & turning leads to low energy levels, increased stress, a weakened immune system, and increased susceptibility to everything from colds and flus to major issues including heart problems, and even an increased risk of depression. 

The good news is that there is relief for all of these problems that plague you - the IntelliBED mattress.  The huge difference between the IntelliBED and every other mattress available is the patented layer of IntelliGel.  Even though this layer looks unusual, this layer of rubberized gel (that’s built just under the surface of the IntelliBED mattress) will give you better spinal support than the firmest of firm mattresses, and reduce the pressure on almost everybody’s hips and shoulders from 25 to 60 percent!

To give you an idea of how effective the IntelliBED mattress is for reducing pressure, these mattresses are used on those who need it the most – patients who are suffering from severe burns and pressure ulcers (or bedsores).  The patented IntelliGEL layer allows the material to collapse, instead of compressing like springs, latex, or memory foam does.  This causes the pressure to be re-distributed away from your hips and shoulders, and spread out along the rest of your body.

The other huge advantage that the IntelliBED mattress offers is amazing support for your lower back.  When you lie on an IntelliBED, the columns of gel hold you unlike any other bed can.  




It’s hard to describe without feeling it, but the best description I can give you is that it almost feels like there’s a helping hand holding up your back right where you need it most.

To put how important the proper back support is, here is what happens when the support is lacking – like on a conventional mattress:

  •  Lying on your back, your stomach has to work to pull your spine back up into alignment, which is a battle your stomach muscles can’t win over 8 hours

  • Lying on your side, the small of your side is not supported, and your spine will “hammock” sideways, aggravating your back pain

Even though this sounds really amazing, there has always been a major problem with buying mattresses – It’s impossible to know how a mattress will feel throughout the night by trying it out in a retail store.  Well, the people at IntelliBED know how you feel, and they have come up with a way to eliminate all your risk – with the strongest money back guarantee available.


All IntelliBEDs feature patented IntelliGEL just under the surface, which help relieve hip & shoulder pressure when sleeping, and also keeps your spine aligned in a much more natural position than any other mattress can. 

If back pain, tossing & turning, sore hips or shoulders, chronic fatigue, etc. are plaguing you, go see the IntelliBED for yourself.   

You can try out the IntelliBED solution at Quality Furnishings/Simply Amish, located at 1176 Main Street, Smithers, BC, or call us at 250-847-0085.


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IntelliBED Testimonial from Quality Furnishings Manager, James Dixon


Sleeping on IntelliBED for one month:

“Prior to sleeping on gel I slept on a two year old high quality mattress that was quite comfortable.  I have no real back pain issues other than tired back muscles by the end of the day and the odd spasm due to my own fault.  Currently, I have been sleeping on the gel for five weeks.  The mattress is very comfortable. I can definitely tell that I am sleeping more solid, and my back does feel better at work.  The biggest thing I have noticed is that as time goes on I am feeling like I have more energy during the day. I have started waking up on my stomach which seems to be indicating that my body is still getting used to sleeping on the gel. I am sleeping better, but if the current trend of feeling better rested continues; I will be extremely impressed.  Let’s see what happens”.


Sleeping on IntelliBED for seven months:

“I know this is going to probably sound corny; I love my gel mattress!”

“The cumulative effect of sleeping on gel has been that I have more energy.  The pressure relief has really improved my sleep quality; during the night I don’t get woken up by turning. I sleep in one position for a long time and I don’t wake up feeling like a “slept wrong” anymore.  Also, I used to gets pins and needles in my arms and that has not happened since I have been on the gel.”

“My back is definitely less prone to pain during the day.  Before sleeping on gel I would sometimes get some muscle pain towards the end of the day if I was in the garden or working on the personal computer; now my back feels good all the time. “

“I am so glad to be sleeping on gel because I feel better all the time.   I have been very much reminded of the importance of sleep, and it is a personal joy to hear our customers say they are sleeping and feeling better.”

 James Dixon


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